Lazaro tries to vanquish misery evading his worst enemy: hunger. He is an anti-hero made up of cunning. Lazaro embodies the low people going from a master to another, one moved by the need, which does not mean poverty of heart. His adventures unmask a violent society in both senses: psychological and physical so the story is still current in our time.


Lazarillo of Tornes: a piece in one act for a single actor is a one-person exploration work of the relationships between theatre and literature, the storytelling and the mise-en-scene. The aesthetical, poetical and historical senses are preserved by maintaining the original Castilian of that period in terms of vocabulary and metrics.


Based on the anonymous text from 1554: The life of Lazarillo de Tormes: his fortunes and misfortunes as told by himself

Playwriting and direction: Juan Cristóbal Monsalve. – Teatro de la Memoria (Colombia)




The director


Juan Monsalve, Colombia 1951. Actor, director, writer and playwright. He studied philosophy, dramatic art and theater anthropology at the International School of Theatres Anthropology ISTA. Researcher on rites, dances and sacred theaters around the world. Founder of Teatro de la Memoria (Theater of Memory).


Technical information


Length: 50 minutes

Audience: over the age of 9

Technical Requirements

Space required: closed or half-closed space, 4 x 5m

Lighting: in a theater: 6 lights: amber, red, orange, blue, green, violet. In an unconventional place: candles, natural light.



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