Antonia it’s the story of a girl and a boy, Sara and Rodrigo, who one day at school while doing the task of finding strange objects, find a mysterious box and try by all means to find out what it is or who is inside. While they discover it they learn how to take care of their body, remembering and consolidating concepts of hygiene, listening and respecting themselves and others. They imagine that inside the box there are many things and in the end they get an unexpected surprise. The play talks about the recognition of one’s own body and the ways in which we can take care of it.

Antonia, is a proposal designed with creativity, art and affection so that boys and girls experience happiness and connection with their own body, contributing to their growth, sensitivity and training. Antonia, is a proposal designed to give rise to emotional health, body recognition, well-being and the imagination of children, inviting them to the acceptance of their own qualities, as well as the assertive expression of their emotions.


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