The show’s main theme is the life of the last woman in the world and specifically the desire, the carnal love and the sexual violence against women. The subject, sensitive in many countries, including Sri Lanka, has been a taboo for centuries and remains one of the subjects that most provokes emotions such as shyness and disgust. The show has his strength in the use of the body, rhythm, music and voice. Great importance is given to colors and lights, as well as to the use of space. We used typical Sri Lankan drums that in traditional songs are associated with the sensual sphere that in the show have the function of expressing love and desire, even if they are violent. Another important component of the creation are the swings hanging from the ceiling and a cloth, used by professional circus performers. The actress, through her body and voice, will “fly” several meters above the ground.



The work features poems and verses by Omar Khayyam and Osho that describe and represent in words the spheres of love and desire. The actress will have at her disposal her body, the fabric and the swings to express the main theme through movements and sounds, while the colors of the lights, the projection of the videos and the tribal music of the drums will accompany and support the performance.



The production and the rehearsals took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After the period of one month, the premiere was held in Pune with the expectation of being able to participate in numerous international theater festivals and go on tour for the next five years. We have already received invitations from renowned festivals in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.


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