Itínera is an independent organization based on diversity. Its aim is to contribute to the human development beginning from art in all its manifestations, in the dimensions of creation, cultural management, education and research, in order to favor the acceptance of cultural expressions, the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of a work that aims for the global social welfare of the population and its individuals. Itínera is an organization with social meaning and artistic quality, leader in the development of projects where art directed at different communities is the starting point to achieve strength and understanding. Itìnera aims at giving a new meaning and redrawing diversity; nourishing participation in social processes and propitiating the well-being, the integrity and the spiritual and artistic enrichment, contributing to the development of cultures.

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The Team of Itínera - Our History

Itínera Theater Company was created in 2009 in Denmark which was then called Samka Teatro. In 2010 the company restructured its objectives, changing the name in Itínera – Art in Expansion and established its headquarters in Bogotá – Colombia. In 2013 it opened an office in Barcelona – Spain. Its first stage production,”metaMORPHEOsis” was created between 2010 and 2011 and it was supported by “Young Talents Grant in 2009 ICETEX” (Colombia) and the “Latin America Fund for the Performing Arts IBERESCENA” in 2011 (Spain). The theater performance was created in Denmark and it was directed by Else Marie Laukvik, actress of Odin Teatret, Nordisk Teater Laboratorium. It premiered in May 2011 at the “Lux Theater” of Pisa, Italy, with shows in Pontedera and Pistoia. During the creation process the company gave presentations in the juvenile prison of Bogotá, and in the space of the youth group “La Fundación Funámbulo” in Barrio San Luis de la Calera, Bogotá. It took part in the Alternative Theater Festival in 2010 and received the Award “New Theater Festival Arteusaquillo 2011”. During the year 2012 the Company toured in South America, performing in Teatro Maguey, in Lima and in the North American Peruvian Institute of Cusco, Peru. In Bolivia the performance was presented at the “Community of Arts Producers – COMPA of Teatro Trono”. In Paraguay in “Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane”, and in “Planta Alta Galería”. It made a presentation in Montevideo, Uruguay in the cultural center for homeless people “Urbano Cultural”. In Argentina it was presented in the cities of Cordoba in the theater “Quinto Deva” and in Jujuy in the theater “Teatro de la Vuelta del Siglo”, among others. In Colombia it performed in theaters like “Teatro La Guagua” in Pasto, “La Reculá del Ovejo” in Cartagena and “Bernardo Romero Lozano”. Meanwhile, Itìnera also organized theater workshops, some for professional performers and others for communities, children, and teenagers, realized in Peru, with the “Cultural Association Puckllay”, in Bolivia with “El Alto Teatro”, in Jujuy with “Estación Perico”, in Uruguay with “Urbano Espacio Cultural”. In Paraguay it realized a scenic workshop with the Corps de Ballet of “Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane”. In August 2012 Itínera Company was selected as an Artistic Resident Group in “La Casona de la Danza” with the laboratory “Creación Línea Fronteriza”, that sought to dissolve the idea of the actor or dancer in a wider concept of the performer. This Laboratory gave birth to the stage production “Culpable”, premiered in August 2013 at the Teatro García Márquez. “Culpable” has been invited at Alternative Festival in 2014, at “Teatro Tecal” and at the “Festival Movimiento Continuo 2014”. In 2014 Itìnera began the last production “Knots – Rules to be happily unhappy” that was co–produced by Nordisk Teater Laboratorium in Denmark, directed by Else Marie Laukvik and presented at “Festival of Women for peace” in 2015 and “Teatro Casa de Artistas”, in Bogotá, Colombia. Durante el 2012 realiza una gira de presentaciones y seminarios por Suramérica presentándose en el Teatro Maguey de Lima y el Instituto Peruano Norteamericano de Cusco en Perú. En Bolivia se presentó en la Comunidad de Productores de Arte - COMPA del Teatro Trono. En Paraguay en el Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane, y en Planta Alta Galería. Realizó en Montevideo presentaciones en el espacio Urbano Cultural, dirigidas a habitantes de calle. En Argentina se presentó en las ciudades de Córdoba en el Teatro Quinto Deva y en Jujuy en el Teatro de la Vuelta del Siglo, entre otros. En Colombia se presenta en salas como la del Teatro La Guagua en Pasto, La Reculá del Ovejo en Cartagena y Bernardo Romero Lozano, entre otras. Sus seminarios dirigidos a performers profesionales, intercambios, así como los talleres a comunidades de niños, niñas y jóvenes se realizaron en Perú, con la Asociación Cultural Puckllay, Bolivia con el Alto Teatro, en Jujuy con Estación Perico, en Uruguay con Urbano Espacio Cultural. En Paraguay realiza un seminario escénico con el grupo de Ballet del Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane. En Agosto de 2012 Itínera Compañía es seleccionado como grupo residente en las residencias Artísticas de la Casona de la Danza con el laboratorio de creación Línea Fronteriza, el cual busca disolver la idea del actor o bailarín en un concepto más amplio del creador escénico. Este Laboratorio da como resultado la producción escénica Culpable, estrenada en Agosto del 2013 en el Teatro García Márquez. Culpable ha sido invitada al Festival Alternativo 2014, el Teatro Tecal y al Festival Movimiento Continuo 2014. En 2015 Itínera hace una co – producción con el Nordisk Teater Laboratorium por el espectaculo “KNOTS – Reglas para ser felizmente infeliz”, dirigido por Else Marie Laukvik y actuado por Julia Filippo, el espectaculo llega a Bogotá por el XXIV Festival de mujeres en escena por la paz.

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