Julia Filippo

Actress // director// Musician // Teacher

Born in Italy. Actress, musician and teacher. Passionate about languages and cultural exchange. Julia attended performance and direction workshops with important directors, studying the Lecoq method and different techniques of physical training, vocal training and dance. She has also studied and acted in Theatre Laboratory and Theatre Anthropology with the actors of Nordisk Teater Laboratorium in Denmark. She has been actress in several productions of small and large formats in Italy and Europe, touring in Europe, Middle East, India, Central and South America, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore, with companies such as Hidden Theater, Living Theatre and Pontedera Theatre, among others.  As a teacher, she develops her activities in communities, with children with disabilities, grandparents, prisoners, and professional artists in different regions of the world.

Manuel Ramos

actor // director // researcher

Creator with bachelor of Arts Education graduated from the Francisco José de Caldas District University. He has been a teacher of theater, corporal expression and creative writing in different training spaces. For nine years he has designed, advised and executed pedagogical processes with children, youth, adults and teachers, in different educational and cultural institutions, within their training programs and projects.

He has complemented his experience as an actor in different spaces such as the Theater of Memory, the Nordisk Teatret Laboratory, the Common Dance Foundation, among others. 

Stephane Ferreira

eco-builder // musician // permaculture designer

Born in France, with Portuguese nationality, he studied electronics and he has done different works in construction, agriculture and mechanics. Passionate about nature, the environment and autonomous living, he has a vast experience in agriculture and he is interested in organic biological and organic agriculture.  Discovering all the ecological systems that operate in autonomous housing he decided to take part in the Academy “Earthship Biotecture” with Michael Raynolds in Taos, United States School 2014. Stephane has the desire to integrate the Permaculture in the Association Itinera and contribute specifically to this association as light technician, farmer, eco-constructor and carer of the maintenance, caretaker of the place.

David Koblos

eco-builder // translator // permaculture design

Born in Hungary, raised in Germany, and rounded off his education in the United States, his interest in culture led him to the study of Cultural Anthropology, however his passion for languages, his joy of teaching, and his love of freedom got him to pursue a career as a language teacher and translator in various countries around the world. After receiving his Permaculture Designer Certificate in 2008, David went on to gain practical experience volunteering on various farms, gardens, homesteads, and eco-villages, ranging from one-man operations to community projects, from temperate to tropical climates, and from densely populated urban centers to the proverbial middle of nowhere.

Valeria Galluzzi

Architect // eco-builder // clown

Born in Rieti, Italy. Architect interested in sustainable and ecological buildings and building with recycled materials. Passionate for the study of plants and agriculture, she is part of the Italian association of Permaculture. She participated with her drawings in many cultural associations and in 2015 she joined to the infrastructure project of the ITÍNERA Association.

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