The strength of rhythm is a workshop born from a collaboration with Rita Superbi. It is thought for communities such as children, teenagers or adults. It has been done for example with children with physical and mental problems, as well as with people with diseases such as Parkinson.

The workshop it’s an immersion in the rhythm born from the body and it combines games with everyday objects and vocal improvisations while seeking to synchronize body, voice and music.

The workshop is inspired by the work of the UK’s percussion group “Stomp” and it uses the body and ordinary objects in stage creations.



The workshop takes elements and principles from the contemporary dance and the physical theater:

– The body as a musical instrument.

– The relation of the body with the objects.

– The dialogue between the physical sequence and the sound sequence.

– Collective creation.



The workshop consists of several stages: physical and vocal training. Rhythmic and musical exploration guided by the accordion; Individual and collective improvisations of rhythm and music to create sequences.



Minimum 8 and maximum 20 participants and 3 observers.



– Stereo compact disc players.

– Two wooden sticks about 30 centimeters long for each participant. (Optional)

– Objects of daily use that emit sounds and that the participants will bring (free choice)

– Working clothes, comfortable. Water, a notebook and a pencil.

– Space suitable for bodywork, wide with a smooth floor, preferably wood.

– If some participants play a musical instrument, it will be a great element.


DURATION: 15 hours, preferably in sessions of three (3) hours each.

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