Laboratory Workshop for Actors, performers, dancers and musicians on creation of scenic materials.



The laboratory is part of a project of creation that the actress Julia Filippo conducted under the leadership of Else Marie Laukvik, Actress of the Odin Teatret, called “Knots – rules to be happily unhappy”.In this show, the actress and the director have worked mainly in which has left an imprint on the body and the voice of the actor, something that is not necessary to identify or analyze but which becomes worked into the creative material for the scene.



The lab is directed at actors, dancers, performers and people interested in scenic practices with prior experiences in body training.



The laboratory seeks to investigate in various ways to create for the scene, based essentially on individual experiences of participants. 



This is a creative dialog between what the participants know and the routes, tools and references that the actress Julia Filippo has got during her professional development.




The Laboratory approaches the physical and vocal training to arrange the “instruments” of work of the performer, the actor, or the dancer. It combines elements such as rhythm, energy, weight,the voice in the space, and variations of text in relation to the physical actions.It stimulates the imagination and creative body taking as a pretext for the comedy of the art. The Italian popular theater and improvisation, developed with which the performing participants, with the help of the other participants, will have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of scenes, songs, images and actions in his personal world.







Each participant requires:


-*A personal experience wanting to explore.

-*A family photograph or an object

-*A song

-*A garment

-*Comfortable work clothes, water, notebook and pencil.

-*If participants play a musical instrument, it will be a big element.

This workshop requires a maximum of 15 participants and 2 observers




3 sessions of 4 hours each. (Total hours: 12)


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