Professional experiences

Bachelor in Education at the University Francisco Josè de Caldas, Bogota 2007. His formation as an actor has been mainly in “Teatro de la Memoria” in different performances. He has participated in international theatrical events such as “Encuentro de Teatro de Grupo Ayacucho” – Peru 2008 and “Encuentro Internacional” Chile in 2009. He received the grant “ICETEX Jovenes Talentos” in 2009 for an internship – research on Theater Antropology, at Odin Teatret, Denmark. He got the support “Choreographic and Dramaturgical Creation IBERESCENA” in 2011 with “metaMORPHEOsis”, a project in collaboration with Julia Filippo. The performance was directed by Else Marie Laukvik, an actress of Odin Teatret and it premiered at the “Teatro Lux” of Pisa, Italy In 2012 it toured in South America. Now he leads the Laboratory of Dance and Theater Creation called “Culpable” with the artistic residency at “Casona de la Danza”. His Pedagogical work has been developed with children, young people, adults, teachers; in institutions such as “Rafael Pombo Foundation”, “Buinaima Foundation”, “Teatro de la Memoria”, “Universidad Distrital” and “Fundaciòn Internacional de Pedagogìa Conceptual Alberto Merani”.

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