Which part of us wakes up when dreaming 6 years in a whole life on average? Two hours per day? Just a piece of dream lasts between 5 and 20 minutes…

And in a dream, what remains and what fades off? 


A couple of scientists seek to go deep inside the world of dreams using experimental tests with animals. They consider that it is possible to take them back in time; they think that you can control the periods of sleep by using a pill so you could work longer and earn more. The experiments in the laboratory run in unexpected ways. Dreams come and go in a dance following the rhythm of enigmatic whispers. Morpheus is Arianna’s red thread. The Minotaur is the ghost of a child who is really the dog Cerberus. Nothing is as shown. How to leave the labyrinth?


The piece was born from one idea: the myth of Morpheus, the vast ocean of dreams. It runs through fantastic situations and archetypical spaces. On this background several stories appear in a trip of solitude, love, treachery and war.

Technical Requirements:

Length: 50 minutes

Audience: over the age of 7

Space required: 5 x 5m  



AMBER, 5 ground lights, 1 frontal light, a desk lamp

Time of staging: 2 hours


Stage director: Else Marie Laukvik – Denmark


CV - Else Marie Laukvik – Denmark>>


Barrio San Isidro Bogota, - Colectivos de Arte para Jovenes

 Colombia 27 de Marzo de 2010



COLOMBIA. 24 de Marzo de 2010


ODIN TEATRET Holstebro – Dinamarca Marzo 15, Marzo 24, Abril 2,  Abril 12.16 de abril de 2011

Teatro LUX / Pisa-Italia Espacio Nu / Pontedera-Italia 4 de Mayo de 2011


Teusaquillo - TEATRO CÁDIZ, Teatro de la Memoria 1 de Abril de 2010


Centro de Atención al Menor, presentación de la obra a        menores presos/Bogotá 


FESTIVAL DE TEATRO ALTERNATIVO, Sala Acto Latino.- Colombia 7 de Abril de 2010