"Who is quiet in the first generation, the second bring it in his body."

Françoise Doltó


GUILTY speaks of a crime seen from several perspectives thanks to the narration of testimonies of different peoples, and a dramatic structure based on confusion, irony with dyes of sensationalism and the spectacular.


The paintings are inspired by the paradox that represent the interrogation and confession of the involved in a crime and the consequences that are triggered around a trial. In this setting in scene the jury is the public within a scenario that becomes tried in where we are all suspects


GUILTY wants to go deep into the individual and collective imageries of guilt in our context, generating a creative reflection and aesthetics from the theater and its relationship with other disciplines. The guilt in its definition is more succinct, can be a lack or a damage that has been carried out, but it is also a widespread feeling in our environment, with roots in a cultural and religious pattern that evokes certain emotional and physical characteristics that are distinguished by their contraction, inhibition, castration, among others, which are the center of our scenic creation.


GUILTY arises as a result of a creation laboratory called Linea Fronteriza, selected as a resident in the Country House of the dance and the IDARTES during the first and second quarter of 2013. The main purpose of this laboratory is the training through theater and dance. It has been a space leader by dancers and actors where they have exchanged their disciplinary knowledge by dissolving the idea of actor or dancer in a broader concept of the scenic creator.

Technical requirements


Minimum of 6 x 4 with the possibility to be adapted in such a way that the public is located in the two longer sides of the stage. It can occur in unconventional spaces such as corridors and small squares, ONLY IF THEY ARE SEMI-OPEN



4 pair 38 

2 Pair 64 

1 Fresnel (appended plane of lights) 

4 extensions of 6 meters long each one



Amplification for laptop and mp3. Wiring necessary for the musician IS WITHIN THE scenario, since they  handle all from there. 



 Video - Projector  


Duration: 50 Minutes