Mazunte: an eco – sustainable theater

Inspired by EARTHSHIP

The project for the construction of the theater space is projected on 6 integrated principles to reduce the impact on the environment: construction with natural and recycled materials, solar and wind power, natural regulation of the temperature system with passive heating and cooling, harvesting water from rain, internal and external treatment of sewage, and food production.


The technique for this autonomous construction is based on the principles developed by EARTHSHIP BIOTECTURE (USA) over 40 years. The process of building the theater is intended to involve the local population in its construction and to provide education to people interested in the practical workings of the systems. With this we expect a positive collaboration with the local communities, which is the starting point for exchanging knowledge and cooperate for the collective welfare. 


General Objective


To build a sustainable  and ecological theatre and school in a physically sustainable place where theatrical and artistic creation will be promoted, spread, managed and circulate , serving the community. We want to work in a place where it is possible to optimize the resources and preserve the environment. We hope to create different ways to understand the arts, the culture and the community itself. 



Specific aims


Motivate  the participation of the community in ecological, creative and collaborative art processes.

Propitiate an environment for arts exploration, production, and critical appreciation, across the creative expression and love for local expressions. 

Stimulate the sensibility for new artistic styles and ecological experiences in the community.

Use the natural resources positively and with coherent practices from the context, minimizing environmental pollution.

Affirm the identity and the cultural knowledge of multiculturalism and interculturalism in the community.

Activities of the eco – theatre

The following activities include the actions that we consider possible in the eco-construction; actions in a short, medium and long term designed for the sustainability of the space. 


  1. Production and creation of performances of the Itínera Theatre Company. 
  2. Program presentations and demonstrations of performances created by Itínera Theatre Company, as well as other international and national companies, artists, craftsmen and guests. 
  3. Develop together with the community creative processes from different languages arts or other cultural fields: craft, gastronomy, permaculture and ecology. 
  4. Organize and share pedagogic processes in theatre and other artistic areas with the community.
  5. Realize artistic activities with children, young people, adults and senior citizens. 
  6. Organize creative laboratories in any art for groups and local or foreign artists. 
  7. Share the space with Mazunte groups, companies and artists who do not possess physical space of creation or production.  
  8. Program artistic residences in all disciplines for artists from whole world. 
  9. Organize work-demonstrations for the community, resulting in artistic residences. 
  10. Organize an annual theatre festival and several meetings to support arts and creators, as well as Itínera's productions.
  11. Organize academic events and conferences with national and international guests about the arts, arts pedagogy, ecology, eco – construction and gastronomy. 
  12. Organize meetings about creation, development and management of cultural sustainable projects, based on the ecology and with an environmental perspective. 
  13. Document and publish memories and experiences of all the processes of creation, pedagogy or cultural management done by Itínera.
  14. A Café-bar-restaurant that stimulates and propitiates habits of healthy lifestyle with organic food.
  15. Publish and spread theatrical texts.
  16. Rent the space to institutions or companies that want to realize events there.

Characteristics of the Construction

Place Quantity Description
 Stage 10 x 10 meters. 
Audience 1 250 seats. Movable chairs. It is important that this place can be used by people in wheelchairs.
Dressing room 2 A place for men and women with bath: shower and toilet.
Central Office 1 Big space for four workstations with desks, a place for visitors, and sufficient space to hold meetings.
Office Bath 1 Dry bath with recycled water
Bathroom for audience - Women 4 Dry bath with recycled water.
Bathroom for audience - Men 4 Dry bath with recycled water.
Bathroom for audience - Children 4 Dry bath with recycled water.
Bathroom for audience – People in wheelchair 4 Dry bath with recycled water.
Maintenance workshop 1 A place to build scenography and construction repairs. An area for storage. 
Internal kitchen 1 A place where theatre members and guests can cook 
Rooms 5 With bathroom: shower and toilet.
Café - bar restaurant 1 With bathroom and kitchen
Gardens and vegetables gardens.  Several A place where we and the community can grow vegetables.
Parking Several For our theatre - bus and some cars.

Mazunte … why?

Mazunte is a small town on the Pacific Coast in Mexico, famous for eco-tourism, its ecological constructions, the giant sea turtles that live and breed along the coastline, the nearby Laguna de la Ventanilla full of bird life, iguanas and crocodiles and the cultural identity of the region. It is a place where time seems to have stopped and nature is still preserved. A hike out to the tip of Punta Cometa offers an absolutely breathtaking view of the surrounding coastline.


Punta Cometa is a natural reserve and the southernmost point in Mexico where you can catch a 350 degree view of the sun rising from, and dropping into the sea. In 2015 Mazunte received the designation “pueblo magico” (magical village) by the Mexican government.

About Mazunte

The community of Mazunte is constantly growing. The small town is located in Oaxaca, a region full of culture and indigenous communities. It has 700 inhabitants, approximately 400 Mexicans and 300 foreigners that live of tourism, fishing, hosting tourists and preparing delicious traditional Mexican food. The main road is full of life, little restaurants, shops and at night lots of artisans show and sell their products to tourists from different parts of the world. The organization of Mazunte, as in many others towns in Mexico, is based on the idea of “bien común” (common good), where responsibilities and opportunities are shared among the people that live there and take part in social meetings.


The town is in a constant cultural ascent. It already organizes a jazz festival and a circus festival that are nationally and internationally known, and there is a square for community events and traditional feasts, but it doesn’t have a theatre yet. All kinds of activities that we are planning are directed towards the community. They will seek the well-being and collaboration of the population in order to create a place that will have a tight relation with the people. The town has its own ecological rules trying to respect nature using local materials and the projects that they finance have a very important social component. Our main interest is the chance to work with the people and for the people.

Teatro Muzante