Bay of the moon - space of inspiration - residences and competences

Space of inspiration

Bahía de la Luna

On the beach "La Boquilla", Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca and next to the Pacific Ocean, lies the Bay of the Moon, a wonderful place where Itínera plans to build a house for artists wanting a place to develop their creative projects in any language, within an atmosphere charged with tranquility, comfort, light, fresh air and sea.


We want the space of inspiration of "Bahia de la Luna" to be an ideal setting to create the rhythm of the fluidity of the wind and waves. The remoteness of everyday life, the meeting with the sounds, the scents and the calm will enable fusion between nature, the creative processes, and the artist. We are confident that it will be an ideal place of inspiration and relaxation for our resident artists.



The project is designed to receive artists from around the world in acting, performance, visual and plastic arts, writers and musicians to develop their creative process. During the residency participants will have the opportunity to socialize with other colleagues and put their work in dialog with nearby communities in towns such as MAZUNTE, HUATULCO or small provinces such as ZIPOLITE and ARROYO CRUZ.


The home of Bay of the Moon is a project that seeks to coordinate infrastructure and daily practices with the balance between art and nature; that is why we are emphasizing the low environmental impact that our practices will have.

The artist will find themselves living and working in an environment removed from the usual practices. 


Thus you will find the artist with a particular construction where you can live from different practices to those of their everyday life, such as the use of composting toilets, organic gardens, water collection systems ... 

The house will have four individual rooms for artists... 


The house Bahia de la Luna, and various ecological constructions account with four separate rooms, for the artists. The house will be equipped with composting toilets, kitchen, study, two rehearsal rooms, workshop, terrace, all within a green environment and within a one-minute walk from the beach and the sea.

Activities to develop in the space of inspiration:

- Art residencies: Open to artists of any nationality and discipline who wish to remain for a period of time in the Bay of the Moon, to develop their creative projects. 


- The artist may request tutoring for the case of Performing Arts with prior notice. The artist should bring to the residence all the materials needed for their work, taking into account that these materials, as far as possible, are of low environmental impact. 


- Scenic research seminars: seminars will be open to artists from different parts of the world who want to concentrate on acting and vocal projection. These seminars will be directed and organized by Itínera, concluding with an introduction by teachers preceding the final performance.


- Residences for workshops on permaculture: open to people interested in learning cultivation techniques inspired by permaculture.


 - Homes and workshops in traditional cuisine and conscious diet: open to individuals who are interested in learning typical Mexican dishes and different ways of cooking from organic food, generating a more positive impact on the body and the environment.


- Rental of the space: the house and its spaces may be rented by other institutions or companies to develop specific activities. 

- Trekking in the forest 


Itínera is a non-profit organization, the residents have a tariff, which will be arranged according to the time of stay of the artists in the Bay of the Moon, we hope that thanks to other contributions or subsidies, the price can be as low as possible. Itínera will be ready to work with all the necessary documents for the artist to be able to find financial aid in the country or in Mexico.

Specifics of the physical space:

Five rooms  With bed, furniture for storing clothes, composting toilet, shower, wash basin. There are four rooms for artists and a room for whoever is in charge of Itínera
Un estudio With a library for access by the artists
A rehearsal room With wooden floor, spacious, light and with the possibility to darken to experiment the lights
Two workshops With tables, light (for visual artists and / or the construction of puppets and masks)
A living/dining room With tables and comfortable chairs for eating, relaxing or meetings
A spacious kitchen Equipped with stove, fridge, microwave, cupboards, tables and chairs
External bathroom Composting, with shower and cupboards
Terraces (Garden-culture) Where it would be possible to make a diverse garden
Laundry room Area for laundry