The Infrastructure Projects

We believe that art and culture are vital to the growth of people, and that can collaborate constructing meaning in a society that tends to move  towards homogeneity, neglect and disappointment. Art influences the evolution and transformation of spirit and thinking, creating various ways to interact with other people and with the environment, being more sensitive to  conservation, preservation, and the collective welfare.


We believe that all artistic and cultural work contributes to the conservation and preservation of natural resources as well as a non-continuity of the chain of environmental pollution, insisting on a smaller impact in the cycles of nature. For this reason we think about a project that can point out the cultural development of the community from a perspective based on sustainability and the conscious use of resources, articulating both the artistic and environmental practices.


The project of an Ecological Theater supports the community development to build up with the people an idea of what can be art and its impact on society, thinking about a new concept of cultural consumer, for a more active and social commitment.  With the purpose to give back to nature what we have taken, making theater, culture and art a self sustainable process. 


Mazunte Theater


A self sustainable project that articulates artistic and environmental practices requires a physical space that does not disturb the natural recourses and that allows these goals to take shape in the life of our community; trying to make it possible that our processes in creation, production and artistic pedagogy will be based on dynamics that leave the slightest traces of pollution, generating the minimum impact in the future.


We imagine the physical space of the theater versatile, operating as a cultural center, a place to conduct training, formation, creation and circulation of artists, their performances and meetings with communities. The space should preserve a low cost of maintenance allowing to generate electricity in a renewable and energy saving way, as well as a rational water and energy management, a space that can be used for farming, creating organic food and permaculture activities.


Permaculture is a way of life and a way to improve and create around us an ecological and harmonious place with the choice to reduce the negative impact and increase a positive one in the environment. The vision of permaculture helps us transform the way we live and its principles produce sustainable self-sufficient agriculture, inspiring ourselves by nature, saving energy and constructing wisely with recycled materials and local natural resources.

Bay of the moon

Bahía de la luna