Stephane Ferreira

Light technician, eco-constructor and agriculture worker

Born in France, with Portuguese nazionality, he studied electronic and he has done different works in construction, agriculture and mechanics. 

Passionate about nature, the environment and autonomous living, he has a vast experience in agriculture and he is interested in organic biological agriculture. 

He discovered his interest in Permaculture and studied at CPC International Design in "La Ferme du Bec Hellouin" (France), which allowed him to work as a training assistant in Quebec. He participated in a workshop of eco-construction at the same place. 


Discovering all the ecological systems that operate in autonomous housing, he decided to take part in the 2014 Academy "Earthship Biotecture" with Michael Reynolds in Taos (United States). 

Stephane has the desire to integrate Permaculture in the ITINERA Association and contribute specifically to this association as a light technician, farmer, eco-constructor and maintenance caretaker of the place.




Academic school "Earthship Biotecture" United States, construction of bioclimatics and autonomy houses with the necessity of sustainability, using ecological materials, naturals, recycling, wood, carpentry, water recycling, solar and wind power systems, lecture of plans.


 Workshop construction of Pighott wind power in France.



PDC international of permaculture design (agriculture and sustainable development) Bec Hellouin farm in France.


Workshop eco-construction inspired Earthship, first legal construction of this kind of house in Quebec, work with straw, adobe, construction of rocket stove and woven.




Obtention STI electronic in Blaye (Jaufrey Rudel school)


Professionals Experiences


  • Currently working on a design of a greenhouse inspired Earthship
  • Participated at the construction of the first legal Earthship in Germany in the "Tempelhof Community"
  • Participated at the construction of an Earthship inspired construction in France with the association "Habite ta terre"
  • Worked on a farm, harvesting flowers (pioines) from 2007, tractor driver, plantation, classification in France and in Holland (Karsten Agriculture)




  • Designed and implemented a permaculture farm in Escaro (France)
  • Worked on an organic vineyard, selection and aeration of the grapes in Bordeaux (France)




  • Constructed of a Rocket Stove. 
  • Harvested oranges in Corsica
  • Harvested grapes in Champagne
  • Different works in the vineyards of Bordeaux




  • Teacher assistant of Permaculture Course in Chertsey (Quebec)
  • Cut plants of wine in Berson
  • Harvested grapes in Champagne



  • Various grape and wine related activities



  • Carpenter, installation of windows and doors.



  • Harvested kiwi fruit, various apple related activities, aeration and selection of the fruit. 



  • Technician, caretaker at a holiday for children, painting, construction, electrical work... 
  • Harvesting of pears, apples and olives.


  • Harvesting of strawberries, raspberries. Plant and installation of greenhouses in Huelva (Spain).



  • Vertical work, Electric installation of telephone Systems.


  • Wine production and wine making.


Complementary Information

Considerable experience working on Engine Motors with a specialist meccanica on rally and antique cars, completely retrofitted a collectable car: Renault Juva, in 2014.


Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


Active member of different musical associations.

Musician (accordion).