Julia Filippo

Actress, director, musician and pedagogist

Julia Filippo
Julia Filippo

Born in Italy. Passionate about languages and cultural exchange. Julia attended performance and direction workshops with important directors, studying the Lecocq method and different techniques of physical training, vocal training and dance. 


She studied theater since she was 16 and in 2006 her personal research led her to meet the theater antropology learning from different actors of the Nordisk Teater Laboratorium in Denmark. Since she was 14, she studied music, piano and singing. Since 2010 she plays also accordion.


She has been actress in several productions of small and large formats in Italy and Europe, touring Europe, the Middle East, India, Central and South America, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore, with companies such as Hidden Theater, Pontedera Theater and Living Thetaer, among others.  


In her creative work she tries to pursuit the integration of singing, movement and stage presence where vision and imagination are harmonized. Through the dance, the theater antropology, the physical and experimental theater, Julia has consolidated a deep knowledge of the performing arts that she applies on stage and that she shares with others. . 


With Itínera she realized the show "metaMORPHEOsis" (premiered in Italy and toured in South America) and her lates production "KNOTS - Rules to be happily unhappy".


As a teacher she develops her activities in communities with children with disabilities, senior citizens, prisoners, and professional artists in different parts of the world (Malasia, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, India, Sri Lanka and Europe). 


Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and German. 

Instruments: accordión, ukulele, voice

Theater Formation

1996/2002: Laura Benizzi's singing school with Linda Hermes


2003: Workshop with the director D’ Orazio (Rome): acting and dialects 


2003/2004: Dedalo Theater Acting School in Milan with Roberto Fossati and Paolo Bufadino 


2003: Workshop about voice, articulation and diction in the music school NAM in Milan with Mietta Raimondi


2005/2007: DEGREE in the International Theater School “Arsenale” in Milano directed by Marina Spreafico and Kuniaki Ida (Jacques Lecoq pupils)


2007: FELDENKREIS Workshop (Estudio de las partes del cuerpo y de sus potencial, postura y actitud) with Jessie Leibovici (Paris)


2007: Workshop about theater and dance with the dancer Valentina Buldrini (Rimini) in the space OffArt of Cesenatico 


2007: Workshop about the training of the actor and the theater of Grotowski with Mario Ruggeri in CIRT (Milan)


2008: Link Academy in Rome. Stage with Luca Ventura, Marzia Dal Fabbro, Andrea Pangallo


2008: Acting workshop with Mamadou Dioume in the Trebbo Theater of Milan, about the tree different texts of Antigon (Sófocles, Anouille, Brecht)


2008: Dance workshop with Cindy Van Acker coreography and movement for the performance “Inferno” of the company SOCIETAS RAFFAELLO SANZIO


2008: Workshop with the LIVING THEATER in New York with Judith Malina


2008: Workshop of “LA PRATICA” of Hervé Diasnais with Valentina Buldrini and Simona Sacchini in the space “Mulino Di Amleto” (Rimini)


2008: Workshop with Gary Brackett of the Living Theater in Villa Carrara (Salerno) with a final presentation to the public


2008: Theater workshop with Fanny & Alexander of Ravenna (Chiara Lagani)


2008: Workshop about rhythm in theater with Ares Tavolazzi and Silvia Pasello “Il códice del ritmo” in Pontedera (Italy)


2009: Dance workshop with Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni in the “Teatro Dei Segni” 

of Modena with a final presentation for the festival Segnali09 in Modena


2009: Workshop about Italian Traditional Theater in the Piccolo Teatro Strehler (Milan) with Paolo Rossi


2009: Workshop with César Brie in Cesenatico


2009: Degree in the project for professional actors TEATER, in the "Teatro Era" (Pontedera). Teachers: Silvia Pasello, Andrea Kaemmerle, Francesca Della Mónica and Annette Henneman


2010: Workshop in overtone singing and study of the harmonics (Mongolian chant) with Tran Quang Hai in the “Spazio Nu” of Pontedera.


2011: Workshop of Orixà Dance in the Odin Teatret with Augusto Omolù


2011: Theater workshop with Roberta Carreri, actress of Odin Teatret 


2011: Dramaturgy workshop with Eduardo Erba in the Teatro delle Muse of Ancona


2015: Voice workshop for actors with Carlota Llano

Musical formation



5 years of study in Laura Benizzi' s school (since 1996 to 2002) about the study of musical theory and voice with the teacher Linda Hermes.


1° year of the professional music school NAM in Milano (2003), con profundización del estudio de la música con Cesare Pizzetti (harmony) and Claudio Flaminio (orchestra and choir).


Winner of the prize “YOUNG SINGERS” “Le fontane” in Cesena in 2002



            Teatro Novelli in Rimini


2003: “PIRATES”

             street performance in Bellaria (Rimini).


2004: “THE LINE"

            Teatro Dedalo of Milan. Director: Paolo Bufadino 



                                                                                                                one month of presentation in the Teatro Arsenale in Milano. Directed by Marina




            of the company Raffaello Sanzio. Director: Romeo Castellucci. Presented in the Festival of Modena and in the VIE

            Festival in 2008



             director: Mario Ruggeri in the CIRT of Milan



             co - director and light designer. Director: Walter Leonardi and Paolo Trotti. Presented in the Teatro Ringhiera in Milan



             director: Eleonora Danco in the Teatro Franco Parenti of Milan


2008: “LE SERVE”

             mise en espace with the direction of Mamadou Dioume (Teatro Trebbo in Milan) 


2008: “LA BOHEME”

             director and actress in the Teatro dei Vigilanti (Portoferraio)  with the voice Master Delfo Menicucci



              actress of the street performance with the direction of Gary Brackett in Porta Nova square of Salerno



             performance of dance. Teatro dei Segni of Modena in the festival Segnali09. Directors: Michele Abbondanza and

             Antonella Bertoni


2009: “NOT IN MY NAME” 

             street performance. Director: Judith Malina; artistic director: Gary Brackett. Tour in Rome, Turin, Palestine (Freedom Theater,

             Ibdaa, Nazareth e Jerusalém) and Israel (Tel Aviv)



              director: Annet Henneman of the company  Hidden Theater of Volterra. Presented in the Bienal of Venice, the day of the

              inauguration (6 june 2009)



              director: Andrea Kaemmerle. Presented in the Street Theater Festival of Peccioli (PI)


2009: “TITANGO”

             with the Laboratory Group of Pontedera. Director: Alice Maestroni, performance inspired by the video “Tango” of Zbig

             Rybczjinskj. Presented in the Festival Santarcangelo Immensa ’39



             director: Annet Henneman (Hidden Theater), presented in the Festival Transit 6 in the Odin Teatret in Holstebro (Denmark)


2010: “(META + MORPH)” – a study

            direction: Else Marie Laukvik. Presented in the "Festival Alternativo de Teatro de Bogotá", in the University pf philosophy of Colombia

            and in the juvenile jail of Bogota



            Tour in Belgium with the Living Theater.  Directed byJudith Malina and Gary Brackett


2010: “ABITO”

           director: Roberto Bacci and Anna Stitsgaard. Production Pontedera Teatro. Tour in the south of Italy, in Florence and in Brazil (2011)



            concert of international lullabies in the Teatro Era of Pontedera


2011: “LISBOA “

          street performance directed by Anna Stitsgaard. Presented in: Pontedera Bologna, Firenze, Lecce, Montecastello, Buti (Pisa),

          Escuela “Il Romito”, scuola “La Rotta”, Festival de Belo Horizonte, Salvador de Bahía, Sao Paulo, Japan and Portugal.

         “LISBOA" has been presented and adapted for the Festival Festuge in Holstebro (Denmark) in june 2011 with the general direction of 

          Eugenio Barba


2011: “ITER”

          street performance directed by Anna Stitsgaard. Presentations: San Miniato, Altopascio, Castelfiorentino, Lucca


2011: “metaMORPHEOsis”

          performance of Itínera Teatro with the direction of Else Marie Laukvik. Presentations: Odin Teatret, Teatro Lux in Pisa, Spazio Nu in        

          Pontedera, Barrio San Isidro Bogota,  Colectivos de Arte para Jóvenes, Teusaquillo – Corporación de residencias universitarias, Teatro

          Cádiz, Bogotá, Centro de Atención al menor, Festival de teatro alternativo – Sala Acto Latino


2012: During the year 2012 the performance "metaMORPHEOsis" toured in Perù, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay,

          Paraguay and Colombia and the performance "Lisboa"  toured in Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Italy.



          directed by Pierangelo Pompa with Odin Teatret as partner. Presented in Italy and Denmark



           narration by Giovanna Conforto and music by Julia Filippo. Performance that was part of the project "Portico In Arte", in Portico di        

           Romagna, Italy


2014: "LUCIALYS"

           musical performance with songs of the South of Italy, presented in the Fortaeller Galleriet, Denmark


2014: "KNOTS - Rules to be happily unhappy"

           co - production Itinera - Nordisk Teater Laboratorium, directed by Else Marie Laukvik. Presentations: "Festival

           Internacional de las mujeres en escena por la paz" in Bogotà (Colombia); Teatro Casa de Artistas, Bogota, Teatro Rossi of Pisa (Italy),

           International Theater Festival of Sri Lanka, Alexandria (Egypt), Ariol (Russia), Pune (India)


2015: "INCONTRI"

           directed by Claudio Gasparotto in the Teatro Levatoio of Sant' Arcangelo (Italy)


  • Five years of collaboration with "Cooperativa Arcobaleno" that organizes summer camps for children with mental or physical disabilities
  • One year of collaboration with "Bottega del Teatro" (Cesena), responsible for vocal and physical training with two groups of teenagers and adults
  • Assistant of Gary Bracketts in the workshops of Florence, Pistoia and Naples   (Italy) and in Jenin, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (Palestine and Israel)
  • Workshop in Bogota (Colombia) for actors in Fundaciòn Pombo and Teatro de la Memoria, for teenagers in the prison of Bogotá and in the periphery of the city
  • Workshop for the association "Volontarimini" that works with drug-addicts for the project "Cineattivi"
  • Workshop in Lomas de Carabayllo for "Puckllay arte y comunidad" with indigenous children
  • Workshop with teenagers in El Alto (La Paz, Bolivia)
  • Workshop with actors in Jujuy (Argentina)
  • Workshop with dancers of Academia Teatro Municipal de Assunciòn (Paraguay)
  • Music Consultant in the workshop "Lost in the forest" lead by Pierangelo Pompa with presentations in four hospices in Denmark. 
  •  Work for summer theater camp “Camp Magic” in Singapore
  • Workshop with people with disabilities in Kota Bharu, Malaysia
  • Workshop in the Malaysian Parkinson’s Diseases Association in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Workshop for the School of Languages Manara Valgimigli “Emotions in the theater of  Shakespeare”
  • Workshop of physical theater in Pune University (India)