SWINGS travels back to Sri Lanka!

The performance « Swings of Love » directed by M. Safeer and acted by Julia Filippo travels back to Sri Lanka hosted by the International Theater Festival of Colombo, CITF 2018! We are excited to participate in this new edition of the festival and we look forward to meet our friends and collaborators! For now let’s enjoy the teaser of the festival!

Antonia in the Ditirambo Teatro!!

The performance « Antonia » has been invited in the Festival Arteusaquillo!!

You can see the show in the Ditirambo Theater in Bogotà the 27th or in the Auditorio Carpa Rafael Pombo the 1st of May!

Julia Filippo invited to the main panel of Fujairah International Arts Festival!

Julia Filippo has been invited to the main panel of Fujairah International Arts Festival with the theme MONODRAMA & TECHNOLOGY. The panel was presented in the conference room at the beautiful Hotel Fairmont of Dibba at 11 a.m. It was a pleasure and a big honor to be invited to speak with such important and experienced people from all over the world.

It was a big opportunity to learn, exchange and share.

« Swings » travels to the Emirates!

Let us tell you about the last woman in the world with her swings…

She is doing her last act in front of you…

Just listen to her…

She will tell you many things…

Try to understand what she wants to convey…

May be, you will not meet her again…

Red, Blue, Black, Purple and White swings will be left afterall.

She is in front of you, moments before her parting…

Thereafter « The swings of love » shall be swinging……

Fujairah Theater Festival invited Itínera and IAA to participate in the International Monodrama Festival! The performance directed by M. Safeer and acted by Julia Filippo will participate in this fantastic event! We are thrilled to be here!


Swings of Love in Seul, Korea!

The performance « Swings of Love » directed by M. Safeer and acted by Julia Filippo has been invited to the Korea International Duo Performing Arts Festival. Thank you to all the organizers and the people that helped us to show the performance in Korea! I hope it will be the start of a beautiful collaboration.

Thank you for your help, presence and kindness.


« Swings of Love » in Pune, India!!

In 2016 the performance « Swings of Love », which is a co-production that was made in collaboration with IAA of Sri Lanka, was invited in the 2nd International Theater Festival of Pune, in India. The team decided that this could be the occasion to make the premiere there, giving visibility to the festival and to the performance itself. So here we are, in Pune, for the second time, participating to this fantastic festival, meeting artists from all over the world and sharing our experiences with the community!

Some moments of the Festival

« Knots » travels to Siberia!

The performance « KNOTS – Rules to be happily unhappy » has been invited to the 5th International Theater Festival of Nizhnevartovsk in Siberia! We are happy and honored to participate to this wonderful festival!

Some moments of the festival

ANTONIA en el "Acto Latino"


Domingo 30 de Julio


3:30 pm

En dónde: 

Teatro Acto Latino – K 16 # 58a-55 / Teusaquillo

Boletas: $ 18.000 General (2×1)

Es necesario que reserves porque hay pocos cupos.

Pre – venta: 3203647449 

Niños, vayan con papás!!

Más información: www.itinerateatro.com

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Knots in Kosovo

9th International Theater Festival MonoAKT

The performance « KNOTS – Rules to be happily unhappy » flies to Kosovo to the 9th International Theater Festival of Peja « MonoAKT ».

There, the performance won its third award. Thank you MonoAKT Festival!




20th June 2017


9:30 p.m.


Theater « Isref Begolli », Peja (Kosovo)



Name          Theater « Istref Begolli »

Street          Rruga Fehmi Agani

City/ZIP       Peja, Kosovo

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IAPAR International Theater Festival 2016

The performance directed by Else Marie Laukvik and performed by Julia Filippo was invited to the International Theater Festival in Pune, India and it will be presented the 18th of November at 7 PM.

The festival is organized by IAPAR – International Association for Performing Arts and Research, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Institute of Culture of Mumbay.









18th of November



7 P.M.



Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha




Name           Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha

Street          Tilak Road

City/ZIP        Pune

Email            iapar.india@gmail.com

Website       www.iapar.org