Art & local transformation

A meeting about Theater & Community


ART AND LOCAL TRANSFORMATION is a meeting with european organizations that work with communities such as teen agers, children and adults and that use art as a tool for a personal and communitary transformation.

The project is organized by RESIDUI TEATRO, a company that develops a work in Madrid with a focus on  the fight against  discrimination and marginalization through art processes. 

 In the meeting have participated Odin Teatret (Dinamarca), Teatr Brama (Poland), Isola di Confine in collaboration with Itìnera and Gruppo Taiko, (Italy), Trubadurii Secolului XXI y Shoshin Theatre (Rumania), Teatro das Beiras (Portugal), Strollad La Obra, cía Tortilla y Teatr de la Court (France), Mano de Obra Teatro (Spain).
 The project took place in Madrid from 23th to 30th of June 2016 and it was  co-funded by the program ERASMUS + of the EU.



From the 23rd to the 30th of June



Residui Teatro, Madrid



Art & Local Transformation – Theater and Communities



Name            Residui Teatro

Street           Calle Ercilla, 48

City/ZIP       28005, Madrid


Telephone  +34 910290385